A Must for All Swimming Pools!
Great device to save energy and keep water circulated! 
I bought this house last year and it has a pretty crazy pool. I put three of these on my pool to help keep the water circulating. Wes, the guy who made this, made a special fitting for an odd size return at my pool's beach area. The other two returns were just a standard slip fitting. He sent me a couple adapters for those.

It gave me more flow to my waterfall / hot tub area at a lower RPM on my inteliflow pump.. saves energy! I just found a fourth return in the pool in the CAVE so I just ordered another circulator.. I'm looking forward to turning the pump speed down some more now!
Matthew Behnke "Matt" - Michigan 

A truly remarkable product 
I had purchased these circulators for my 3 returns about 5 years ago and they have been extremely dependable. You can tell that they were made with high quality materials because they are still working great. I have saved quite a bit of money on my chemicals over the years, and they actually heat my pool for free. My friend has an in-floor cleaning system that she paid over $4000.00 for when they built their pool. With the circulators in my pool, I am getting all the benefits of the expensive in-floor system and it only cost me pennies on the dollar. I think my friend is a little jealous, because my pool always looks so much better and has much more water movement. With her in-floor system, they put in 2 fixed wall returns that do not do very much. I just purchased 2 circulators for her birthday, so she could replace the old fixed wall returns. She was so thrilled to see the difference it made in her pool. With all the benefits that I get with my circulators, it just surprises me that the price is so low. I don’t complain, I just tell all my friends about the circulators.
Meecha - Sunny Florida

The Circulator works great! I have had pools for over 25 years and could never keep them sparkling clean – there was always some debris floating on the surface or on the floor of the pool, and I could never get the temperature consistent throughout the pool.
I just installed a new in ground pool and replaced the fixed jets with the circulators. The pool cleared within one day of use and my pool builder was so impressed with the performance of the units that he decided to install them in all his customer's pools as a bonus.
My pool temperature is finally consistent throughout the pool and I do not have to hear my kids anymore complaining about cold areas in the pool.

I have recommended the circulators to friends and neighbors who are equally amazed by the results, and love the cost savings by reducing the run time of their pool pumps and using fewer chemicals to keep their pools sparkling clean.
Thanks for a wonderful product. 
Sandy Wotoun - Bristol, TN 

Remarkable Value 
The circulator is a remarkable value with many valuable benefits that every pool owner will enjoy.
At first, I was very skeptical, but when I easily installed the circulators into all my fixed wall returns, I was totally amazed at what this product did for my pool. It does everything that they promised and much more. The customer service was awesome too. They answered my questions, and then called to check up on me to see if everything was okay. They actually have pool experts that took their time to help me with issues with my pool that had nothing to do with the circulator. All the help that I graciously received was worth the cost of the circulator alone, but I got so many added benefits. Within a day, my pool was crystal clear again. My pool heats up superfast now, and I don't have any of the uncomfortable cold areas. I wouldn't understand why any pool owner wouldn't change out their fixed returns for the circulator.
I think that anybody who is negative about the circulator must be either their competitor or somebody who never tried the circulator and gave it a chance to amaze them. I really got my monies worth with many added bonuses.
Ami Schilian 

 I have been using the circulators for 7 years now and they are still going strong and never stopped rotating. I wish everything that I purchase had this excellent quality. Best money I ever spent. I just purchased 2 more for my friend’s birthday present. I noticed that the adapters were included when ordering from Chars stuff. What a great price. I paid more for the circulators 7 years ago and they were worth every penny and then some. I absolutely love the circulators and I would highly recommend this product to anybody who wants to make their pool maintenance super easy.  

Just wanted to let you know the circulator is working fine and it’s true. My pool is the most clear I have ever seen. There are no more hot and cold spots the whole pool is more evenly heated. The Chemicals seem to be disbursed much better.  
David Nelson - Niceville, FL 

I installed circulators in 2 of our 3 pool outlets. This is the first season I can remember that we haven't had any algae problem whatsoever. Good job!  
 John Lubelski - August 2012

A great value for a high quality product.
Wow! What a difference the circulator made in my pool in just a short time. I have been struggling for weeks to clear up my cloudy pool water and the circulator cleared up my water in just one day. It came complete with an adapter that made it so easy to install. I have an Intex above ground pool with only 1 return. Not too much circulation. The circulator made an unbelievable difference in my pool’s circulation – even with a small ½ HP pump. I even cut the running time of my pump in half to save on my electric bill, and my pool water still looks crystal clear.
 This product has also warmed my pool water and made it comfortable for swimming. I was just amazed at the high quality and the low cost. I wish I knew about the circulator years ago. I brag about it to all my friends and neighbors and they love the circulator also. 
 Devan R. – Sept. 2010

I have been using the CIRCULATOR units in my pool for over 6 years, the water is always comfortable and my chemical usage has decreased. I only run my pool only 6 hours a day and I attribute this to the CIRCULATOR. It does what the manufacturer states and beyond. I also do not have to clean my pool as often as I did in the past, before installing the units. Thank you for a great product.
Harry Pinkman - Palm City Fl.

This is the most amazing pool product! Thank you! I had numerous problems in my pool that took up so much of my time. I had areas on the surface where debris would sit and never get removed by the skimmer so I would have to use a net. I also would have areas on the floor where pollen or dirt particles would sit in the same spots all the time. The surface and floor would be non-stop cleaning if I wanted a clean pool. After installing three circulators on my returns my pool has truly come alive. The surface is spotless and the floor clean. The pool looks great. In addition, I have a salt water system that I had to dial down the salt generator to 35% from 65% and I still have plenty of chlorine registering in the pool. I can finally enjoy the pool and stop spending all my time cleaning. Thank you again!
Peter Abrams - Germantown, TN - April 2012

An impressive high quality product
Being a curious engineer, I decided to take the circulator apart to see what makes it work so dependably well. It really amazed me to see the high quality parts that went into this product, at such a low cost. I called the manufacturer to make sure that I had everything back together correctly. I thought that I would get a recording on a Sunday, but they were there and spent time with me answering all my questions, even the silly ones. They told me that I could call them 7 days a week, even after hours. I even called again at 8 in the evening and they were there to help me. What great Customer Service! The company really stands behind their product.  
I see now why they tell you not to turn the nozzle by hand, because of all the intricate parts inside that make it work so dependably day after day for years. The best part about the product is that it is made in such a way that if you need a part after so many years, you can easily replace that small part, so the product lives on forever. They have a great warranty also, so now, all I have to think about is the money savings and how this product made my pool maintenance so easy.
I would highly recommend this product to all pool owners. If a pool owner does not purchase a circulator to replace every fixed return in their pool, they just don’t get it. This is truly an amazing invention.  
Mara Hipal - Florida – May 2012

No more algae
What a spectacular product! We had major problems with yellow algae that would not go away. We spent a fortune on chemicals to treat it and it continually returned. We purchased the circulator to replace our fixed returns and we have not had one bit of algae since. Now that we have seen the product work, we are absolute believers. Being in Florida where the rain comes just about every day in the summer months, it can be a constant job to keep the pool chemicals balanced. With the circulator, we spend about half as much on chemicals and our pool looks amazing. We have also cut our pump running time by several hours, so that is a big savings in our electric bill. I would definitely recommend this product to all pool owners. 
 Mark C. – Florida - August 2010

A great value for a high quality product
Wow! What a difference the circulator made in my pool in just a short time. It seems like I am always struggling to clear up my cloudy pool water, and the circulator cleared up my water in just one day. I have an Intex above ground pool with only 1 return. Not too much circulation. The circulator made an unbelievable difference in my pool’s circulation – even with a small ½ HP pump. I even cut the running time of my pump in half to save on my electric bill, and my pool water still looks crystal clear.
One more note. . . I took advantage of the special bonus of the free fountain and free solar light. I can’t believe that I only purchase one circulator and the company sent both items to me for free. They were worth more than I paid for the circulator. Go figure! I did pay a small shipping charge, but it was nothing for what I got. What a deal!
Love the great customer service too. They have pool experts, (not just order takers) and they helped me with other problems that I had with my pool at no charge. What a great company and a great product.
I brag about it to all my friends and neighbors and they love the circulator also. My pool store even carries the circulator now and they thank me for telling them about it.

Analytical Advocate - FL USA - April 2013

I have an in-ground kidney shaped pool under a huge maple tree. The tree is great for those hot summer days sitting in the shade, but brutal for shading the pool. My water never got above 70 degrees. I bought a heater and it took 4 days of running to get the water temperature up to 78 - 80 degrees. That is over $200 worth of propane and 4 days prep to make the pool useable. 
With your circulator, I was up and running at 80 degrees in about 3 hours. ( and only about $40 in propane). What a great idea and it works. Congratulations and thank you. 

 Jens Harnest – Ontario, Canada - June 2011

As promised:
In today's consumer driven society, it's rare that a product does everything its creators and marketers say it will. The Circulator does everything it claims to do, and does it very well. I am one very satisfied customer - for life!
Mark - Huntsville, Alabama - Sept 2011

We installed our 2 Circulators today and were immediately impressed with how well it worked. I have posted the link on my facebook page and have told a few friends about it already. I have already called about the free fountain and light and can't wait for them to arrive. Thank you for such an excellent product!  

Dorathy Nagtzaam – Canada – June 2012

There is absolutely no question regarding the effectiveness of The Circulator, it works. But even more impressive then the product is how great the customer service is. I sent an email asking a very basic install question and within minutes I had a response. Mr. Wes was extremely helpful and a joy to talk to. It was obvious that he was supremely knowledgeable in his product. I will continue to do business with this company. In a market where customer service has gone by the wayside, this company appreciates the value of good old fashioned politeness.  
 David Lopez - Spring, Texas – October 2011

 We just wanted to Thank You for the spectacular product you have come up with in “The Circulator”. We had major problems with yellow algae that would not go away, we treated several times and it continually returned. We purchased The Circulator a few months ago and have not had one bit of yellow since then. Now that we have seen the product work, we are absolute believers. Being in Florida where the rain comes just about every day, we have not had to treat the pool with as much chemicals as we did last summer. We have even spoke to our pool supply company and told them about your amazing product. 

Alexa & Tennyson LaJeunesse - Tampa, FL August 2007

 I purchased two circulators from Pinch-a-Penny in Pinellas Park. I purchased one about a year ago and I was so impressed with the circulator that I purchased a second one six months later. I am very happy with the way the water circulates and also helps push any dirt to the deep end of the pool which helps me keep the pool clean. I have noticed that the amount of time it takes to circulate the chlorine is cut in half. All this said I AM VERY HAPPY THAT I BOUGHT THESE!!! THANK YOU 


The circulator is installed. Ran the pool for 24 hours and I cannot believe the difference in the pool water! My pool is 16 ft by 32 ft 26,000 gallons, and I was having trouble getting the water clear this year after all the rain we have had in Texas this year. After the 24 hour run water is clear and the circulators are working perfectly. I plan on telling all my friends about the circulator. Thank you Thank you Thank you! 
Beverly Capps - Tom Bean, TX - Aug 2007

I purchased two of the Circulators this past Saturday from Pinch a Penny in Winter Springs, FL, and so far I'm loving the jets - much more circulation in the pool. I have four returns and most likely will be getting Circulators for those, as well. Also plan on getting the father and father-in-law a few to try out, spreading the word. Great product! Thanks again.

 Brian B. - Winter Springs, FL - July 2007

Thank you!!!!! Great customer service! 

 Estevan Orozco - Elmonte, CA – August 2007

 High Quality and many benefits at a surprisingly low cost. Very Dependable too. 
This is the 7th time that I am purchasing circulators as gifts for my special friends. All of them have worked with great success and I am a hero to my friends that struggle no more with the maintenance of their pools.
I have enjoyed my circulators for many years now, and my pool is so easy to care for and the water is always sparkling clear. I have also saved a ton of money over the years on expensive chemicals and additives to get the water chemistry perfected. I always do a lot of research when I make a purchase and I found out that it took many years and several types of engineers to create the circulator. It was an item that looked so simple, yet there is a lot of technology inside that I did not see. It amazed me how it worked automatically to eliminate so many of my pool problems. At first, I was very afraid of all the technology inside the small tube to get it to perform as well as it does. Now, after seeing what the circulator does for my pool after all these years, I am a true believer. It is made extremely well and has always been very dependable for me as well as for all my friends that I gifted with the circulator.
One of my friends spent over $4000.00 for an in-floor pop up system for her pool. She is extremely jealous that I am getting all the same benefits of chemical and heat savings with the circulator for just pennies compared to what she spent.
This product is definitely a “no brainer” for any pool owner who wants to save money and enjoy their pool so much more. I do not have a lot of money so I always try to find great inexpensive gifts that have a much greater value than the price. The circulator is definitely a great value that should not be missed.
Also, as an added bonus, each one of my friends received the free light and fountain which they really enjoy. The light is so pretty at night as it floats in the pool and changes color and I really love the look and the sound of the water from the fountain. The circulator company has the best customer service and they really care about their customers. The pool experts were always there to help with any of my pool concerns.

Antonia - FL - Aug. 2013

Dear Wes, Thank you for such a wonderful product, it has saved me time and money on my pool. I strongly recommend your circulator to anyone with a pool and a busy schedule.
Thanks again - A believer 

Sam Osborne – Valrico, FL - Sept. 2006

We have just purchased two of the circulators and love them.

Beth Paver - ADA, MI - June 2007

Great Customer Service!
I saw these at my local pool store, did some research and decided to try them. These guys are revolutionizing pool care and doing it in a way that will make customers keep coming back...Let's see...a great product + a real person in customer service= a great company to do business with. Check these out, do some research, read reviews and you'll agree, this product is a no brainer. Wes also told me to run your pool at night if you want to cool down the water (a problem we Texans have with 60+ days of 100 degree days), take chlorine readings from the pool bottom instead of the surface...facts this experienced pool keeper never realized. Man, I might just call Wes to shoot the bull, he was that cool. Thanks!

Jonathan Kutz - Woodway,TX - April 2013

Great product, great company!

I have a kidney shaped, in ground pool with a deep end (10 feet) and shallow end (3 feet). I also live in an area with many trees and woods so my pool is constantly filled with leaves, debris and insects. For years, my husband and I have fiddled and tweaked the return jets, attempting to find "the" perfect angle for them... and always end up disappointed. My pool was often cloudy or murky at the very bottom of the deep end and I had no idea what to do. I was extremely hesitant to buy this product as I had read reviews that it is delicate and expensive. I have two returns. I took a chance and ordered two for both of them and have never regretted that decision.

I immediately noticed a difference in the pool. The number of insects floating on top dropped dramatically. The temperature difference in the deep end of the pool was gone. And the pool is crystal clear. These circulators were nothing short of an absolute miracle.

I rarely give a five star rating to ANY product but I feel the customer service associated with this item earns the five star rating. My husband backwashed the pool improperly - sending earth from the filter out into the pool through the jets. The circulators became clogged and immediately stopped working. After e-mailing the company, I received a phone call back (that I neglected to return due to the craziness in my own life at the time). Undaunted, they called again instead of merely dismissing me. I spent quite a while on the phone as they walked me through each step of taking the circulator apart and reassembling it - all the while having a wonderful conversation about our pets.

The circulator is now back in the pool and functioning very well! If it ever does stop working, I won't hesitate to purchase another one!

Kelly Zydel - Dix Hills, NY - Aug 2013

 I didn't purchase this to keep my pool from creating thermal layers and I didn't buy it to reduce my energy consumption. I purchased this to eliminate the trapped dirt in the corners of my tanning ledge. I have a "tanning ledge" on the complete end of my pool. It's set in about 18" of water and 2 of my returns shoot out from the end of the pool, across the tanning ledge. This caused the corners of the pool at that end to accumulate dirt. The only way I could get it out of the corners was to use a brush or vacuum. By installing these items, now the water is pushed into the corners and flushes out the dirt. They work perfectly for me. Works for me!!.....Great idea and I like what they do. 

R Hoffman - May 2013

Great Company that makes the Circulator 
The people at Circulator are the best for customer service. Called and got help immediately. Actually easy to install but my return jet was different and they help me over the phone. These people know the pool business and are just great to deal with. 

Joseph Mark Raiteri - Beaufort, SC - Aug 2013

My husband dropped one this spring taking a chip out of the end part that goes in the fitting. Now it doesn't spin (not any fault of the circulator). Since I have to buy a new one I thought I would add a review since this is my 4th year with them. They are worth every penny. Our pool doesn't get a lot of swim use unfortunately so these are really useful to keep the water and chemicals moving. Keeps the temp even which would be a plus with a heater (which I don't have). I don't understand why every pool store in America doesn't carry these?

Dog Crazy - Boston - June 2013

 I bought this for an above ground pool with a new heater. Works great. Love it. 
Don't hesitate to Order it.

Michael M. - April 2014

Excellent Customer Service! 
After having issues with the product, Customer Service contacted me. The company went out of their way to assist me with the problem I was having and made it right. I can not say enough about the fantastic customer appreciation of this company and the willingness to make it right so I would be happy in the end. It is a company that cares about its customers and that sets it head and shoulders above many others! I am looking forward to a better circulated pool!

Candace Crane – Alabama - Aug 2013

 If you have an in-ground pool, you must give the Circulator a try!
The first question to ask yourself when considering this product is, "do I have a pool?" If the answer is yes, you should definitely consider this device. It works like a champ, and the company offers superlative customer service for any questions or installation support you may need. I found the quality to be at least as solid as the rest of my in-ground pool equipment, if not better, considering the engineered moving parts inside. You must put one into every pool return that you have, so that the water pressure distributes evenly. It basically blends the pool water super efficiently, so it heats faster and distributes the chlorine evenly. The more active water everywhere in the pool also minimized algae from forming, if you run your pool enough. I have a 10,000 gallon freeform pool with Pentair equipment. The pump is a new .75 horsepower Whisperflow, and I've set timer trippers to pump for 1 hour every 6 hours, for 4 hours total - keeps my electric bill down and has proven to be very effective at keeping the pool sparkling. One bonus I didn't expect: it clears out pool debris fast too -- top and bottom -- which is a huge issue for us since we have a prolific Chinese elm next to the pool. I heartily recommend this product! 

MK - Nov 2013

Great product 
I was skeptical at first, but this product exceeded my expectations. Works great and nice quality. Excellent customer service too.

Rose - Feb 2013
 The Circulator is well worth the money!
The Circulator works great! I have had pools for over 25 years and could never keep them sparkling clean - there was always some debris floating on the surface or on the floor of the pool, and I could never get the temperature consistent throughout the pool.
I just installed a new in ground pool and replaced the fixed jets with the circulators. The pool cleared within one day of use and my pool installer was really impressed with the performance of the units.
My pool temperature is finally consistent throughout the pool and I do not have to hear my kids anymore complaining about cold areas in the pool.
I have recommended the circulators to friends and neighbors who are equally amazed by the results, and love the cost savings by reducing the run time of their pool pumps and using fewer chemicals to keep their pools sparkling clean.
Thanks for a Great Product!

Carol - May 2012

Works well, customer service even better!
I finally installed mine and did notice the pressure was lower at the circulator which I installed in the deep end. I in turn installed a "vector jet" in my shallow end return and this brought back some pressure to the circulator which now runs perfect. My pool cleared up after 3 days and I can now see the bottom clearly on the 9 foot deep end.

7/12/2013 Update. 3 years and The Circulator is still running strong. I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Wes at customer service. He went way above any customer service rep I have ever dealt with. He walked me through the issue and it ended up being my fault it wasn't turning. I had not installed the end correctly and messed up the flow. He had me up and turning in 15 minutes also gave me some information on to improve my salt system operation.

Joe Halojamm - June 2010 and July 2013

 I am really impressed with the high quality and low cost of this item
Being an engineer and an inventor myself, I am always very curious on what makes items work. I have been known to be a bit critical on products that I purchase, trying to justify price, benefits, and quality. I have to admit that I am very impressed with the high quality of circulator, and the many benefits that I have experienced at such a surprising low cost. I have always struggled with keeping my pool water clear and in proper chemical balance. The circulator cleared up my pool in a day, and I save a good deal of money by using much less chemicals. This product has cut my pool maintenance down significantly and given me more time to do things that I enjoy, like inventing. I am sure, with the increased circulation, I will be saving lots of money on my pool heating this winter. You really don’t need to be a PhD or an engineer to see that this product is a no brainer for every pool owner who wants to make their life easier and save money to boot. Thanks for a great invention; I wish I would have thought of this product.

Erik E Johnson – FL - Oct. 2013

Great Product
It does what it says and then sum! After using for a few hours, all the debris was swept to the center for easy cleaning! I called the number on the box and was given excellent customer service to all my questions. 

Joyce Souza - Berkley, MA - July 2013

Impressive power for my 33ft above ground pool!!! I needed assistance he answered the phone and walked me through process. So happy with product and great service. I will be posting on my network.
Thanks a bunch.

Scott - California - April 2014

 Five Years Circulating and Counting along with Fantastic Customer Service 
Houses with In-ground pools should come with a Warning... Because I have become OBSESSED WITH KEEPING MY POOL CLEAN. I've tried everything, Bromine, Chlorine, Salt Chlorination, Solar Covers, Solar Fishes, Regular Brushes, Wired Brushes, Kreepy and UnKreepy things in the water, Robots (yes they sell robotic cleaners for pools) all in an effort to Keep my water Crystal Clear. On a whim Circa Summer 2009 I purchased 3 of the Circulators for my pool and I liked them so much that I purchased two more so I could have one on every return in my pool.

Why did I like them so much....? Simply because they work, because it caused my pool water to circulate, because the jets break the surface tension of the water and make little waves that look really cool and keep bugs away, because my pool warms up in less time, because chemicals spread evenly. Most importantly, because it has given me back the TIME that I used to spend scrubbing my walls and vacuuming the pool.

Fantabulous Support! I had one of the units get stuck on me and I called them and they were HAPPY to help me fix the problem. It's great to know that they stand behind the product they sell and they really do.
I hope you enjoy the circulators as much as we have!

Fernando L. Sanchez – Nowhere Island, FL – April 2014

Wow-has to be the best service ever!

I ordered two from Amazon and tried to install it on existing return outlet. At first the fittings did not fit (the Circulator fitting was slightly smaller than the existing fitting). After 5mins of trying, I called the manufacturer for help. Surprisingly, the Founder/CEO of the company answered my phone on a Saturday morning. He was very polite and motivated to resolve my issue. He carefully asked me questions that revealed that I had to remove the fitting from my outlet (I didn't know that I had a threaded fitting in the existing hole). After installing the Circulator, he stayed on the phone to ensure everything works, explaining how the system works and even the construction of the equipment. I ordered 2 more Circulators and hoods at lower cost than Amazon. Great product and best service ever.

Kim G. Hall – Houston, TX – April 2014

Great Product and best Customer service I have ever received *6 stars*
  Ricky King June 26, 2017

Selina Watson March 27, 2017

LOVE IT!! Pool is perfectly clean and clear! Saved a ton of $$ on chemicals.
KGood April 11, 2017

This product ROCKS! 
  Aaron A Nicholson June 24, 2017

Awesome Product circulates water like you wouldn't believe. 
  Janet Wells June 9, 2017

The circulator is the Best Investment I have made for my pool!
RoyBoy April 5, 2017

These amazing little devices make such a BIG difference in my pool.
Kevin Fuller May 29, 2017
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Testimonials for The Circulator
A very dependable product.
I have had circulators in my pool for over 6 years now and they are still going strong. I have saved a great deal of money over the years on chemicals and heating costs. I use to have constant headaches with trying to rid my pool of algae and cloudy pool water. When I discovered this wonderful product, I replaced my fixed returns and my problems were solved. I don’t fight with my pool anymore. . . I just enjoy it. I just purchased an investment home, and the circulators will replace those fixed returns. I cannot see anybody going back to a fixed return when they can have an incredible product like the circulator.  
Dale B.
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