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Economizer Flo-control Hood

included in every package
 ($10.95 value)
Summer Escape/Summer Waves
Custom 2 part Adapter 

Coleman/Best Way Adapter
Custom 2 part Adapter 

Economizer Flo Control Hood
Achieve Extreme Circulation. Heat your pool extremely fast and save money and time. 
Item # 10007 Slip Adapter
For pools with wall returns that
are 1 ½” pipe with no threads. 
This is a pressure fit and just pushes
into the wall return tightly. 

Item # 10006 – Threaded Adapter 
This is a common adapter for most pools 
with inside female threads after removing
 the eyeball/cover.
Item # 10027 Intex Adapter
Custom 2 part adapter for Intex
Above-ground pools. 
Please Note:
You may need a custom adapter for your unique type of pool, which we will gladly create for you at a nominal charge
We have adapters for ALL pools worldwide. Some samples below
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