Pool Water Advanced Care
The Circulator is a major breakthrough which redefines pool water care. Cloudy pool water and algae can be the result of poor circulation in your pool. The patented "One and Only" Circulator disburses chemicals up to 1500% more fluently, greatly enhancing the purity of your pool water. This extreme circulating action helps to keep chemicals working at their maximum potential so that you can virtually eliminate cloudy pool water and algae.
In addition to the more efficient distribution of chemicals, this powerful circulation promotes even distribution of heat - faster heating and less evaporation means money savings to you. The Patented Circulator makes pool maintenance a breeze, resulting in time savings and more enjoyable pool. 

The Circulator helps protect your pool finish from etching and staining caused by harsh chemicals and debris lying dormant. The amazing Circulator is a modern marvel that will give you up to 1500% more circulating power, saving you time and money and prolonging the healthy life of your pool.
A Must for All Swimming Pools!
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Advanced Space-age Technology
Hi, I'm Dan Jones. As a member of the NASA Space Shuttle Launch Team, I am a Senior Engineer specializing in the fields of Structural, Thermal, Fluid, and Mechanical Engineering. I have 22 years experience designing and applying various scientific disciplines to the solution of tough, unique industrial development and production problems using state-of-the-art design techniques.

 I was the lead engineer handling end-to-end technical responsibility and readiness for the Active Thermal Control Subsystem for Environmental Control and Life Support System on the Space Shuttle. I along with other highly-skilled engineers have worked diligently over several years to bring to you this most significant item for your swimming pool. 
The patented "One and Only" Circulator is a modern marvel that will give you up to 1500% more circulating power, saving you time and money for the healthy life of your pool. 
DAN Jones, Senior Engineer
Structural / Thermal / Fluid / Mechanical
More than 22 years of experience designing and applying various scientific disciplines to the solution of tough, unique industrial development and production problems using state-of-the-art design techniques. 
Structural/Thermal Engineering Consultant and Senior Principal Engineer:
Structural/Thermal consultant on NASA Seawinds satellite program. Support design of military CEC electronic system and various military and commercial programs. Give technical direction, guidance, and support to various electronic packaging problems on a variety of military and commercial programs. Work includes planning, developing, coordinating, and directing large engineering projects with many complex features involving exploration of areas with definition of scope and selection of problems for investigation and development of novel concepts and approaches.
Electronics Packaging Engineer :
Consultant on the mechanical design and packaging of fuel controller for an advanced technology commercial jet engine (ALPS). Responsible for structural and thermal design aspects from overall structural integrity down to component level including multi-chip module packaging aspects. Design and implementation of vibration isolation system and thermal management scheme for severe vibration and thermal environments

Senior Staff Engineer :
Responsible for analysis in structural disciplines on in-house aircraft system designs. Develop and coordinate designs on avionics, aircraft support and test equipment, seekers, and vehicle structures. Perform FEA computer modeling. Work-scope includes structural dynamic analysis of electronic assemblies and electronic systems designs up to and including airframe and aircraft structure. Responsibility for sub-contracted work meeting required specified contract requirements dealing with mechanical design functions. 
Senior Engineer :
Extensive experience in analysis and design of guided missile systems. Support design of avionics, seekers, and vehicle structures. Computer modeling and simulation of physical systems on missile using finite element and finite difference techniques was used to predict system behavior under environmental extremes. Structural dynamic checking and coordinate design efforts between various disciplines to ensure effective sub-system design and their integration into a total vehicle system.

Senior Engineer :
Analysis in design disciplines for unmanned target aircraft and cruise missiles. Extensive experience in aircraft structural design using computer finite element techniques. Supersonic aeroheating analysis using Aeroheat program from Wright Patterson AFB. Non-Compressible Computational Fluid Dynamic. 

Lead Engineer :
Lead engineering for end-to-end technical responsibility and readiness for Active Thermal Control Subsystem for Environmental Control and Life Support System on the Space Shuttle. Compressible Computational Fluid Dynamic used for prediction of re-entry heating on OMRS pods and vertical tail. Member Shuttle Launch Team. 
Education :
University of Illinois at Champaign
B.S. Aeronautical / Astronautical Engineering, '76-'80
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, '80-'82 
Skills :
Computer Analyst : Experience with NASTRAN, COSMOSM, ALGOR, CINDA, COOLIT, TAS, Floworks
CAD : AutoCad, PRO/E, Solidworks
Planning/Communications/Interpersonal Skills : Skilled in the preparation and administration of operating plans, cost accounts and budgets, adept in fostering easy and cooperative relationships with all levels of co-workers. Resourceful in coordination of group efforts.
Comprehensive Technical Knowledge : Proficiency on micro/mainframe computer systems.
Comprehensive Computer Skills : Unix, Dos/Window, Fortran and Visual Basic, C++
Areas of Expertise : Thermal, Structural, Mechanical and Fluids Dynamics.
"Gas Flow Resistance Measurements Through Packed Beds at High Reynolds Number", Transactions for the ASME: Journal of Fluids Engineering, Presented at International Fluids Conference-Paper No. 83-FE-8, June 1983.

"Numerical Determination of Surface Temperatures for In-Depth Thermocouples" Presented at 19th International Thermal Physics Conference, Snowmass, Colorado, Paper No. AIAA-84-1763

"Composite Millimeter Wave Radome For Mach 4+", Presented at the 5th DOD Electromagnetic Windows Symposium, Boulder, Colorado, October 1993. 

Swimming Pool Cleaning Savings

The Circulatorcan bring your swimming pool "up-to-date" with the latest technology for just pennies a day. In just a few short months, the CirculatorTM will pay for itself and put money back in your pocket with savings in electricity, heating, and maintenance, making it a valuable addition to your swimming pool cleaning equipment.

The Circulator helps stabilize the chemical imbalances caused by poor circulation. The increased circulation enhances the efficiency of your chemicals, giving you the "pure" pleasure of swimming in safer and healthier water while saving you Money every day and prolonging the life of your swimming pool.

Add years to the life of your pool and keep your pool finish in tip-top condition. Cleaning your pool becomes virtually effortless with the thrusting water of the CirculatorTM shooting down the walls of your pool. The powerful water flow of The Circulator means a cleaner pool in less time. Superior performance means you run your pump less often, save money, and get tremendous results! The results are a younger, more vibrant pool, with savings to YOU on the upkeep of your valuable pool investment. 
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The Patented Circulator is a modern marvel redefining pool care
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